Stalking Shadows Should you decline her request, you get -2 Honor Points. Observe as two members of the Night Folk Gang dump a body in the swamps of the Bayou region. Lost Friend If you murder him after helping him, then be ready for a penalty of -20 Honor Points. This also unlocks a the ‘Consequence’ town chance encounter. Killing him will result in -5 Honor. Otherwise, the debtor may get killed at the hands of the bandit, and you get -5 Honor for viewing the incident. Lost Dog -10 Honor for observing the whole incident and not giving out a helping hand. Buy. Kidnapped Victim As you see a man drowning a woman into the water, you can save her for +10 Honor and unlock ‘Public Hanging’ chance encounter as well. Stranger Side Mission Chart So best to stay away! Drowning Murder Let’s take a more detailed look at what these Chance Encounters mean for your character in Red Dead Redemption 2. A person who was conned needs you to find the swindler in Strawberry. Rally Setup -20 Honor if you rescue him, just to murder him needlessly after. You receive a penalty of -20 Honor if you murder him after rescuing him from the thugs. Laramie Gang Rustling Pickpocket Moonshine Camp Continue long enough to incur -10 Honor. I was stil able to loot his burnt body and I got a gold wedding ring and a little bit of money! Trapped Woman The Eagle Eye will get you to where you need to be. I looted his body, and got a "Native American band". Chase after him to retrieve your money. Police Chase Bronte’s Goons Delivering a mercy-kill when the man asks you to. If you want 100% completion, you have to visit at least a few of these small homesteads. Peeping Tom Arms Deal #rdr2 headcanons #rdr2 writing #rdr2 #rdr2 x reader #red dead redemption #red dead redemption 2 #the van der linde gang #dutch van der linde #arthur morgan #john marston #sean macguire #javier escuella #bill williamson #josiah trelawny #kieran duffy #lenny summers #charles smith #hnng first set of headcanons i hope i did good!! A shootout occurs as you encounter Bronte’s men in their search for Dutch’s gang members. Follow. Save the innocent victims from Lemoyne Raiders attack for getting +10 in Honor. Prison Wagon Whiskey, which makes John Marston violently angry. A man claims to have witnessed your crime. We decided to put together a list of 101 such activities, distractions, and things worth investigating for those of you who have beaten the game or simply want a break from the massive story campaign. Help a man avoid the bear’s charged attack for +5 Honor. A widow shows up claiming that you killed her husband. Side Activities, Mini Games, Collectibles (, Immortals Fenyx Rising Review – A Fun Open World That Fails to Stand Out, Godfall Review – Enjoyable Until You Start Noticing Its Flaws, Observer System Redux Review – Twisted To Its Core, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Review – Odin Favors Bravery, Not Stealth, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Gameplay Offers New Mechanics, More Freedom, Over 30 Side Missions, Xbox Game Pass Gave Nearly $4,000 Worth Of Games In 2020, DvG: Conquering Giants Dev Talks About The Game, PSVR 2, VR Motion Sickness, & More, Echtra Games Talks About Torchlight 3 Crossplay, Nintendo Switch and More, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 6 Challenges Guide, Immortals Fenyx Rising The Future is in Music Walkthrough, Gotham Knights Characters Won’t Just Hang Around Base, Next-Gen Launch Sales Are Higher Than Last-Gen Over Same Period. Two variations of the same event involving a horse and its owner: In one, his horse kills the owner and in the other, the horse runs off. On the other hand, if he’s helped, you obtain a special snake oil as the reward. Hostage Rescue Disrupt the ceremony for +2 Honor. Fight the Murfees off when they’ve ambushed you. Decline his request for help and you get -2 in Honor Points. Upon entering a store, a man expertly pickpockets you and starts running. Checkpoint Do as you please, no consequences. This is because the incident ends with him attempting to fool you into stealing your horse. Do as you please, no consequences. You can get -2 Honor if you cheat during the race (kicking or attacking the rider). Taunting Help a man before a predator attacks him lethally. Hand the plants back to these folks for +2 Honor along with a reward from the chest. Town Robbery Lost Man The second is a person posing as a beggar, so you don’t lose Honor if you steal from him. Train Holdup Acting as side missions in RDR2, Stranger Missions are optional missions with no connection to the Main Story. Some young folks taunt you into chasing them, only to find yourself caught up in a trap. Confrontations with Night Folk Gang Find all storyline missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) in this comprehensive list! You engage in a conflict at Rhodes saloon that you can avoid by exiting as soon as Lemoyne Raiders enter. She'll proposition John. Public Hanging You hear a voice amidst the dead bodies that the Murfees are transporting. Honor Points are gained by walking away from your prize when you win. Similarly, you earn +2 Honor for reporting her but only -2 for helping her get rid of the corpse. This mission can be acquired from two possible locations i.e. After RDR2 Epilogue 1, you observe the Laramie gang terrorizing some farmers and messing up with their livestock. Intervene in a cruel act which involves two Murfees torturing an innocent man. Intervene in an incident where two bounty hunters are carrying the WANTED target. Doing so will bring in +2 Honor and saving the person will bring in +10 more Honor. Kill the man and you incur -10 in Honor. In our guide you will find a variety of tips, information and hints that will allow you to learn more about the rules of the game, and to discover all the secrets it hides. Town Widow To stop the man he swore his loyalty to from his own self-destruction. You get +2 Honor for reporting her. Never woke up probably 2 in game days later so i put him in a creek and down the waterfall he went. You will incur -5 in Honor Points if you observe the event without helping the victims. Below are links to all of the Stranger Missions in RDR2 with the chapters they first become available. Of course this was one of the random events and "stranger" interactions that happens in RDR2. Killing and beating him up results in -10 Honor and -5 Honor respectively. Do as you please, no consequences. Consequence These are all the RDR2 Random Encounters and their consequences should you choose to mess around with them. Help a desperate person by saving their spouse from some bandits nearby. However, you’ll incur -2 Honor Points. Accept a challenge related to target practice. Attend the burial of an outlaw. Results & Consequences: You will earn 2 RDR2 honor points for each of the following actions: scare the predator, give the stranger a medicine, give the stranger some whiskey or kill the victim if you are asked to do so. 1 History 1.1 Background 1.2 Events of Red Dead Online 1.3 Events of Red Dead Redemption 2 2 Layout 3 Trivia 4 Gallery 5 References 6 Navigation The fort was abandoned at some point and only its wooden structures remain partially intact. Parlor Ambush In this guide, we will cover all of the Red Dead Redemption … All of these chance encounters don’t drag for far too long and are much shorter than stranger missions, challenges, and main story tasks. You can also lie to the man about the money and earn -5 in Honor Points. Take care of a man who’s suffering from a bad case of poisoning. Observe a target practice with Lemoyne Raiders. A woman in the Saint Denis slum saloon asks you to follow her into a dark alley. You incur -5 Honor for killing the man. Decline his request for -5 Honor. This mission is likely one of the first ones you will discover. After a wealthy couple is robbed, you can help them to get +10 Honor. Follow a naked man at Roanoke Ridge who claims to have been around the wolves all his life. Pass by a prostitute while drunk. -20 Honor for watching him bleed out or murdering him after you’ve rescued him. You incur -20 in Honor Points for killing either the dog or the boy. Rally Ceremony The Dead Eye mechanic will help you get better results. You encounter a man piling up bodies in a wagon but rightfully so as he thinks they have cholera. Graham Greene, Actor: The Green Mile. Naked Swimmer You’ll reach the den where you can find some collectibles. After chapter 5, if you kill him, you’ll incur -2 in Honor. Some people on the balcony of Saint Denis empty piss pots over the passers-by below. Upon completion, you gain access to “American Dreams” Stranger Mission. Savage Aftermath After Chapter 5, help two islanders escape the pursuit of Fussar’s men for +5 in Honor Points. Savage Wagon -10 Honor Points for killing the person who you acquired the task from, or killing the spouse or waiting long enough that the victim gets killed. As you ride on your mount, your horse gets terrified at the sight of a dead horse left by Night Folk Gang. Bear Trap The cash is inside a drawer in room 1B. Intimidation Tactics Respond to a call of a kidnapped woman on horseback and rescue her for +10 in Honor Points. By Kevin Knezevic on October 25, 2018 at 9:48AM PDT. In the swamp region, respond to a crying voice and move near it only to get ambushed by the Night Folk gang. On the other hand, you can antagonize with for -2 Honor. Or optionally, drunk as a skunk! Watch a boy skip stones and tell his story. Otherwise, misleading him will result in -2 Honor. RDR2 was a huge coup for the actor, whose only IMDb credits prior to the game were a bit part in a TV movie and a short film called Deceive. Although there was no real point to this interaction, it provided good immersion and it was funny. Foot Robbery Three variations of the event exist. Road Ambush Avoid killing this person or the one he’s with to avoid penalty of -20 Honor. After completing Epilogue 1, you can get involved in the event at Tumbleweed. The guy asked me to sit down and listen to his stories, which I did, however he asked that I give him a bottle of whiskey so he can tell me about them. Observing a train robbery, you can intervene to earn +2 Honor or watch the innocent passengers are killed for -5 Honor. He let out a deep chuckle at the man joining him. Rat Infestation Alternatively, you can receive bounty reward for delivering this prisoner to the sheriff’s station. Sharpshooter Burning Bodies Watching him be killed or ignore the incident to incur -5 in Honor Points. Crashed Wagon Observing two outlaws breaking into a safe, you can intervene and collect the contents yourself. Town Confrontation In this guide, we’re going to explain how to complete 10 Stranger mission strands in RDR2. -2 Honor if you rob him but still save him. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Wait long enough, and you might get a chance to steal some gold off him. Save a man as he’s about to get knifed for his possessions to earn +10 Honor. Most of them happen more than once, and some may be character restricted (available only with Arthur or John). $49.94 on Walmart. It wasn’t soon after the slap that someone else joined him. Observe a man as he dwells on his search for some gold in a river. Speak to a naked swimmer near the water body to be directed to a fishing spot where you might catch a rare specie. You get to know more about Fort Riggs should you hand a drunk man some whiskey at the camp. Domestic Dispute Last night I was riding from Emerald Ranch back to Camp, when I stumbled upon a guy sat by a fire drunk and drinking whiskey. Accept a man’s quest to search for his barking dog. It starts in the Saloon in Valentine, close to the first camp of the gang. Murder Scenes If you intervene in the matter, you get +5 Honor. Arthur himself experiences a realistic level of physical growth and changes throughout the course of the game, as not only does his hair and beard grow, but his abilities increase depending on what he does. Lone Prisoner Stranger Missions Can Be Discovered Across the Map. You observe some outlaws shoot at a wagon and free one of their comrades. If you continue observing the Del Lobo gang members free their comrades and kill the lawmen, you get -5 Honor in points. Piss Pot Rowdy Drunks You can loot some corpses that are being dumped out into the water body by Murfees. After observing a Coach Robbery at the hands of the gang, you can perform several actions which affect your Honor rating as below: Corpse Cart It prompts you to solve three murder cases. Horse Race Locked Safe The first time you meet him he tells you a story about captured natives south of some town. Offer her money to earn +5 in Honor, or refute her claims to earn -2 Honor. One thing missing: 'Native American Ring'. The event is encountered once again. A fateful encounter with a mysterious Stranger shifts the tides of fate. Usher a lost man to the nearest town for +5 Honor or ignore him for -2 Honor Points. Outlaw Transport Help the bartender of a local saloon in Saint Denis with the rat infestation for +5 Honor. Drunk Dueler In a saloon, choose to reject a duel challenge for +5 Honor or get involved in it but end it by disarming the opponent for +2 Honor Points. -10 Honor for murdering her before freeing her. I picked this guy up when he passed out, and gave him a ride over to an inn, rented a room, and dropped him on the bed.

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