The clearance between the rotating blades depends upon the size of the … WEIMA shredders for processing highly abrasive materials can be protected with various options to reduce wear and thus downtime and maintenance costs. SOLIDWORKS 2016, STEP / IGES, Rendering, July 2nd, 2018 SHREDDER FRAME ASSEM_DTV ... by HARIHARAN KASIRAJAN. 114 411 21. 1,579 shredder blade design products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which plastic crushing machines accounts for 9%, plastic & rubber machinery parts accounts for 6%, and waste management accounts for 1%. DESIGN CALCULATIONS: Motor HP Calculation: i. Calculations for screw conveyors Power in Kw (P) Q x L x K 3600 x 102 P = power in Kw Q = capacity in 1000 kg per hour L = conveyor screw length (m) K = friction coeffi cient P = v = speed in m per sec v = estring 395 T +49 (0)212 64 50 94-0 info@bechtel-wuppertal. Figure 1: View of shredder. Customers can anticipate approximately $1.80 per ton in wear costs while the blade … Later design calculation started by designing on a shaft and motor rated torque to have a power transmission. 7 mm Where, A = cutting area made by edge of the blade. In this design … We manufacture Shredder Blades mostly from high alloyed tool steel, that provides high wear resistance and mechanical burdening. 6. The Computer-Aided Design ("CAD") files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. sure our calculations were correct. Future Work Design of the single Shaft Shredder machine & Blades has successfully completed with required design calculation. Hello everyone, I'm trying to design a plastic shredder machine, but I'm stuck on how to determine the cutting area of my shredder. When the crop or waste come in contact with the rotating cutters or blades then the shearing action takes place. The rotation of the blades is either tangential to each other or the blades may overlap within the trough. experienced in the field of knife design & manufacturing help us make the size reduction simpler! Shredder Blade Design. SHREDDER FRAME ASSEM_DTV ... by HARIHARAN KASIRAJAN. 15 3. Thus the designing phase is briefly Machine construction classified as the machine construction, cutting system Cutting system and the transmission system. The waste shredder machine is an attachment as like a ploughing attachment. This machine is widely used in industries and recycling plants. … Regardless whether you need plastic shredder blade or metal or even textile one, we can design and manufacture it. The Shred-Tech hex shaft drive system, offers the highest knife-tip cutting force of any comparable shredder on the market. SOLIDWORKS 2016, STEP / IGES, Rendering, April 20th, 2018 Pedal Powered Shredder. Various kinds of blades are used for chipping and powdering operations like sawing blades, rotatory blades, and triangular shape blades. Figure 2: Final model. Shredder can be operated with Tractor- power take off shaft. T = thickness of cutting edge. types of blades, different profiles, its dimensions, its alignment, advantages and disadvantages of different types of blades. Recent Posts. Design of components SPEED OF THE BELT ON THE DRIVEN PULLEY To determine the speed of belt on the driven pulley, V 60 V Sd 2 N 2 (1) Where d2 = diameter of the driven pulley. Due this shearing action, the large size waste converted into small micro size. These knifes have the potential to be re-sharpen one additional time after rotations for an additional six cutting edges. See more ideas about shredder machine, shredder, recycling machines. ii. The present work en compass (design and fabrication shredder/crusher and extruder of plastic machines) the shredder/crusher of plastic machine is consisting of the four main parts; they are system drive, box, hopper and three blade rotating cutter. A wide variety of shredder blade design options are available to you, There are 780 suppliers who sells shredder blade design … DESIGN: The design of the torque-based shredder is different when compared to the speed-based shredder machine. The cutting blade … Cutting blade. Figure 5 shows all the design details. The … The second part includes problem definition, objectives, procedure of design with the detailed design of each component of the cutting and transmission system i.e. For designing waste shredder machine, Creo parametric 1.0 software is used. F is required crushing force. Figure 4: Cutter design… To implement this concept plastic shredder … To achieve this, our experts design a Shredder Blade or Knife for each unique shredding application. The Required level RPM of Motor also analyzed and find out … The assembly consists of one fixed blade and five circular blades… Figure 6 shows the final model after manufacturing. Love Your Lawn: Reap The Benefits Of Aerating And Scarifying; Best Blowers & Vacuums For Clearing Autumn Leaves ; Cobra MX3440V Lawn Mower - T3 … machine i.e., in the blade, the torque considerations, motor power calculations. The main aspect while Transmission system design … Figure 3: Base of machine. The rotor can be reinforced with Vautid, the … The outer box is made of wood to sustain the vibrations caused by the rotation of the blades… Thereby new design and new considerations were assumed to make the new version of the shredder bin. by Georges Sarkis. According to the number of the operating shafts, the shredders are classified intos single-shaft, … Torque, T = F × r Where, r is radius or length of the crank. SHREDDER BLADES; FILTER BY. The shredders are a relatively new group of machines, crushing refuse utility and waste materials. Price. The assembly consists of one fixed blade … Design calculations Force required to crush the plastic bottle Force required to crush the Soda/Pepsi Can So, we considering maximum of it. To solve this issue already exist highly operated machines but they are too, the main purpose of our study is to design and fabrication of cost effective plastic shredder machine, the use of power supply and single shaft mechanism which can be useful for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. The material used for the cutting blades are mild steel. The unique design of the machined hex shafts maximizes knife placement options and allows for easy knife removal and machine maintenance. No Design and Specification N2 = speed of the driven pulley Let N 1 = speed of the electric motor d 1 = diameter of the drive pulley Since d1 d2, Then 1 N 2 Using an … Size for size, the hex shaft is several times stronger than a keyed shaft. Our shredder blade and shredder block models can be used in single shaft shredders … The heavy wall thickness of the machine frame makes WEIMA shredders particularly robust. Cutting system consists of the shafts, cutting blades, washers and gears. min: £8 max: £119. 7. Each CAD and any associated text, image or data is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization or real-world … The blade design of the shredder is designed for conventional cutting of the waste plastics and their easy disposal. DUAL SHAFT SHREDDERS DS-22060, DS-22080 & DS-22100 Materials INCLUDE: Document Destruction E-Scrap & Hard Drives Secure Product Destruction Paper & Cardboard - Edgings & Cores Metal Stampings Plastics Textiles & Fibers Clothing Wood Features & Options SMALL FOOTPRINT Right angle drives allow for a compact design… Software used for designing is Creo 3.0.Paper shredder machine from design point of view consists of three main parts: machine construction, cutting system, transmission system. In … Table 1: Designed details of a Portable Shredder . … See more ideas about shredder machine, shredder, recycling machines. Power is given by, P =Tω/60 T is torque required ω is angular velocity = 2πN/60 Where, N is … (10-11) T = force (F) x perpendicular distance (r), Nm F = (2𝜋m𝑁r)/60, N P = (2𝜋𝑁𝑇)/60, W Where, T=Torque in Nm P=Power in Watts N=Speed of motor in rpm m=Mass of shaft in Kg r=Distance of blade … The power from the Tractor is transmitted to the assembly. Both side of the shaft are mounted in ball bearing. Si. I've already made some research, and I think that the cutting area depends on the blade thickness and the plastic thickness. Also, we are able to propose an appropriate shredder blade design for cutting waste electronics and fridges. Jul 10, 2020 - Explore mahmood barati's board "Shredder machine" on Pinterest. The internal diameter of the blade was designed on a lathe to obtain a hexagonal shape, as shown in fig. the design of various components of a plastic shredder. The commonly used blade types are the sigma blade, masticator blade, shredder blade, naben (aka fishtail) blade, and spiral blade. As for why the blade … The following block diagram indicates the order of design and … The blades … Shredder Cutting Area Calculation Thread starter ... Jul 26, 2019 #1 ramadhankd. The waste shredder machine is an attachment as like a ploughing attachment. AL-KO (4) DR (5) GTM Professional (1) WOLF-Garten (1) Clear All. The new blades feature 24 individual knife inserts which can easily be removed and rotated six times. The power from the Tractor is transmitted to the assembly. Force acting on edge of the blade: Shear strength of PET bottles = 51.71 MPa. 2.4 S Nithyananth et al., they are developed a Design of waste shredder machine. W = width of cutting edge. For this design, a medium carbon steel material with a thickness of 1.5mm was used for the blade. The different components Paper shredder machine from design point of view designed along the blade are frame/stand, shaft, washers, consists of three main parts:- gears, pulley etc. shredders. Although, we can manufacture blades … Heavy duty machine design. designing a blade … Total length of the shaft is 595 mm with diameter of 45 mm. Machine construction: Machine construction consists of stand, bearing support plates, nuts and bolts etc. Wuppertal F +49 (0)212 64 50 94-10 www.bechtel-wupperta K 102 Calculations for screw conveyors … 2 3 Cable & WEEE CHOPPER KNIVES SHREDDER KNIVES ROTOR & STATOR KNIVES SERRATED KNIVES ATLAS offers a proven solution to the Recyclers for efficient & profitable Cable Recycling. Shredder Blade and … design of waste shredder machine 2.4 S Nithyananth et al., they are developed a Design of waste shredder machine.