Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Below are detailed lists on every item in RDR2.. Hey all, I sincerely apologize for not updating this Saturday. Strange Statues puzzle There are two (seemingly disconnected) parts to this puzzle, but the first is a big clue to the second. See more ideas about Red dead redemption, Redemption, Red … This can be a tough one to reach, since you'll have high, sheer cliffs on either side of the river and a big train bridge nearby. The official destination for Rockstar game announcements and updates, trailer launches, screenshot unveilings, events, soundtrack … "This is a unique item." Ride north from Strawberry on the road and take the second trail that leads west to start ascending Mount Shann. The carving isn't on the pond, but south of it, near the state line. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Found inside a bottle on the altar of a small voodoo … für solche mit, Red Dead Redemption 2: Seltsame Statuen - Rätsellösung (mit Video), Red Dead Redemption 2: Giftpfadschatz-Fundort - 2.000$ schnell verdient. Bounty Poster 0. Exotic 0. Rock Statue is one of the valuables in Red Dead Redemption 2. Share? Collectibles. Madam Nazar can be found with her caravan, the specific location of which moves around the map daily. Take the road north from Valentine until you get near the "C" in Cumberland Forest on the map. You can take the road west out of Valentine to loop around the mountain. From the station, head northwest up the rocky hills not far from there. Red Dead Redemption 2 consists of a strange puzzle called Stranger Statue Puzzle. My assumption would be that they are not useful since they Can be sold, but the ancient arrowhead actually has bonuses to your stamina with bow. Self Sufficient: Craft 30 unique items in Story Mode. Maligaro's Restraint optical effect Tulfall optical effect Rise of the Phoenix optical effect AshcallerAshcallerQuartz WandWandQuality: +20%Physical Damage: 16.832.4Critical Strike Chance: 7.00%Attacks per Second: … Place the Squirrel Statue above the fireplace in Beecher's Hope. Not far from Strawberry is Owanjila Lake to the west. Hunting Request 0. It is a unique item in the game, … Another one north of Valentine, and this time almost straight west of Fort Wallace. Unique Weapons & Items are pieces of equipment that are not available anywhere else in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Climb the backside of the hill by approaching from the south, then climb down the path to get onto the front of the cliff and get to the carving. You might need to leave your horse behind to get up on the rocks a bit to find the carving. Cannot be re-acquired once sold or donated. You don't need to go far--the trail will take you right up to the carving, which is up on the cliffside as you ride past. Below is a list of all special and unique collectibles you can find in the game, along with their location. To get up on the rock on the east side of the river, across from the bridge, where you'll find the carving, ride up the less steep back side and then climb down on the river side on foot to reach the third carving. Ride back and approach the cabin to trigger the final cutscene of the side story, and unlock the ability to enter Francis's cabin for the first time. It's cold there, so pack warm clothes. Once you've found Madam Nazar you can purchase the Collector's Bag for 15 Gold Bars, which is quit… Take the northern option, and ride west off the road a little ways to find the cabin--it's encircled somewhat by the road. In order to become a Collector in Red Dead Online you'll need to meet with Madam Nazar. There is an abandoned house to the north of the general store. After Arthur finds a bone, he’ll jot down the location. Maps Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide and Walkthrough. They can't be bought at any store nor received during any of the missions. Phil Hornshaw Red Dead Redemption 2: Rock carvings - where to find all of them? When you hit the eastern shore of the pond, look for a big rock shelf that you can walk underneath near the bank. The rock carving is on the western side, on the southwestern bank. Find this carving north of Valentine and northwest of Fort Wallace. You're looking for an Old Brass Compass item. Making your way down to the rock carving can be a bit tricky, but there is a clear, clean path from the top that will take you where you're trying to go. Red Dead Redemption 2 Unique Collectible Items can only be found in specific locations. When the player has collected two pieces in one skill, they can be added to the statue plinth in order to create a section of the Dahmaroc statue. Properties unknown. These two unique items are found in Beryl’s … Grave 0. Special and Unique Collectibles. Errand Boy: Deliver 5 camp companion item requests. Shrunken Head: $15.00 "This is a unique item." Skin Deep: Skin every species of animal in Story Mode. As you approach, you'll find some rocky but fairly rolling hills compared to some of the other cliffs you've dealt with before. Item Wheel. Follow . The player needs two rocks from each skill to complete the statue. Bones will be scattered across the map hidden among the foliage, on cliff faces and more. Far north of the … As you grab them, visit a post office to mail the coordinates back to Francis. January 22, 2019 / Ashley Baker. In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are many hidden treasures and puzzles, in this tutorial we’ll show you the puzzle with the strange Statues, quickly earning $ 1,500.. An overview of all trophy guides can be found right here, and we also have a complete RDR2 Wiki.. The path will take you where you want to go, so follow it and watch the cliffs to your left for the carving. We’re not quite sure yet. Dabei könnt ihr … How to find and redeem Red Dead Redemption 2 bones. On the side of the rock facing the water, you'll find the final carving. You want to stop under the "M" in Mount Hagen on the map. I’ve found some jewelry, gems/stones, and statues and some of these go for a nice chunk of change. Check Out The All Story Mission List Here Unique Weapons Are Variations Of Standard Weapons on November 26, 2018 at 3:09PM PST. An item wheel has been introduced into Red Dead Redemption 2 that functions similarly to the weapon wheel, and can be accessed … You will find it in a hermit’s shack at the location we have marked. There are a few exceptions, however, as sometimes he will be asked for an item by fellow gang members during story missions, like in the case for one of Hosea's requests. Kill the hermit’s dogs if they attack you, then check the white nightstand by the bed. Puzzle solution to the strange statues. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 features a total of 52 trophies to collect over more than 100 hours of singleplayer gameplay. Cannot be re-acquired once sold or donated. It’s something not very easy to solve but once you do, you get away with $1,500 so it’s worth a try. Twitch's Viewership Record Shattered By The Grefg, Call Of Duty: Warzone And Black Ops Cold War Patch. I’ve been exploring the Red Dead Redemption 2 map for days now it’ll come as no surprise that it’s full of things you’ll want to spend time investigating. Take the road out of Strawberry headed east (the one near the stagecoach), and follow it until you hit a fork. Specifically, there are more than a couple series of missions that will take you across the game's vast world in search of specific items to return to people who need them. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Dinosaur Bone 0. Update: The Red Dead Online update on July 28th changed all Madam Nazar items that require a shovel - instead of fixed items, the item will be a random one from the set! Item Requests Overview. Our guide contains information about all … East of the cottage and up on the side of one of the rocks you'll find Carving 9; you'll want to approach from the north to climb the hill, then find the path on the southern face to find the carving. Knock on his door to trigger a cutscene and start the quest. Cigarette Card 0. Collector's Item: Complete one of the Collectable strands. — January 22, 2019. Can be used by the player as a personal watch. At the end, you can snag a stat-boosting talisman item. Take the road north from Annesburg, then take the eastern path that heads toward the "N" in Roanoke. Zoologist: Study every animal across all states in Story Mode. Dreamcatcher 0. This page contains information on where to find every single of these items. He gives the player his card and retreats back into his hut. Item Requests don't have specific conditions to unlock, and they can happen any time Arthur is visiting the camp. RDR2: Strange Statues Gold! Tracking down all the carvings is no easy task, especially because they're tough to spot from a distance, and usually located in tough-to-reach places. So far I’m only in chapter 3 but I’ve come across several unique items from exploring, quests, and completed collectible strands. Abalone Shell Fragment; Location: In Lemoyne, on the north end of Rhodes. His request is a little strange, too: He wants Arthur to scour the world finding carvings made into rocks and cliffsides. Tricorn Hat; Abalone Shell Fragment; Broken Pirate Sword; Otis Miller And The Boy From … It's not too tough to get to if you wrap around the north side of the lake and approach the location from the west. Stick to the order on our RDR2 Rock Carvings locations map because it follows the same order as our text guide. You'll first come across Francis in a cabin northwest of Strawberry. X. Rock carvings are one of the collectibles in RDR2. Get close to the riverbank and walk along the edge of the water, and look up at the rocks above you near some felled trees to find the carving. Once you've mailed back all the coordinates to Francis, you'll receive a notification that'll tell you to return to his cabin north of Strawberry. There are quite a few strangers to find out in the wilderness and towns of Red Dead Redemption 2, and several of them want to get Arthur Morgan to do their work for them. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. Take the Old Brass Compass to a Fence in one of the towns, and you can spend $29 to fashion it into the Raven Claw Talisman. This is an item that gives you an automatic perk: once you have it, your guns will degrade 20 percent slower, which means less stopping to clean your weapons with gun oil. RDR2: Strange Statues Gold! By Valuables Arthur's job is to send the coordinates of the carvings back to Francis each time he finds one, but Francis is vague about the reasoning behind the request. Here's where you need to go to find all of Francis's rock carvings to complete the quest. Red Dead Redemption 2: Seltsame Statuen - Rätsellösung (mit Video), Hinweise auf die Red Dead Redemption 2 PC-Version in Rockstar App entdeckt, Red Dead Redemption 2: Schnellreise freischalten und weitere Reise-Tricks, Red Dead Redemption 2: Was du über den Vorgänger wissen solltest, Red Dead Redemption 2: Aliens aus GTA 5 geistern auch im Westernspiel herum, Red Dead Redemption 2 als PC-Spiel gelistet: Media Markt äußert sich, Rockstars Überstunden-Kultur: „Wenn du das Spiel über dein Leben stellst, ist Rockstar großartig.“, Red Dead Redemption 2: Companion App - Download und Features. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält GIGA ggf. That's where the carving will be waiting. There's definitely something weird about Francis when you meet him--he doesn't use the same kind of slang that Arthur does, for instance, and his clothes don't look quite right either. The best way to get there is on the road from Grizzlies West (bring warm clothes again), taken until you get north of Window Rock and past Chez Porter. Life gets in the way and I’m sure y’all don’t wanna hear my excuses, so let’s dive right on into this guide! You'll need to head way out east to get to Roanoke Ridge, which is something of a mountain range north of Annesburg. Red Dead Redemption 2 - so löst ihr das Rätsel der seltsamen Statuen. A good idea is to fully explore each area because in Red Dead Redemption 2 there are multiple collectibles you can find. One such endeavor kicks off after you meet a guy named Francis Sinclair, who asks you to track down the locations of several weird rock carvings. You will need some of these items … Item … When you hit the strait, head north along the west bank of the river. Red Dead Redemption 2 in der Wertungsübersicht: Das beste Spiel aller Zeiten? So, who wants a cool $1,500 in the … Speak to her and she'll give you something called a Squirrel Statue. The plinth is located in the Varrock Museum right next to the entrance.Using a matched pair of strange rocks on the Statue plinth grants $ x $ experience following: 1. So far nobody has found if these are used for anything? Flatneck Station is likely a place you'll have passed a few times by the time you go hunting for this carving. The first rock carving is way up north near the peak of Mount Hagen in the Western Grizzlies, northwest of Valentine. The Fertility Statue is one of the unique items in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can find if you do some heavy exploration. They can only be found in certain locations of the map, or earned in certain missions. This is an uncompleted list of unique Items with special optical effects, classified by alphabetical order. Interactive Map of all RDR2 Locations. Collecting the RDR2 Rock Carvings will provide you with the following rewards. Also near Roanoke Ridge but to the south of the range is Elysian Pool, and you're headed to its eastern shore. There are 10 of these carvings in all, and they're not always easy to locate. You actually want to be on the east bank of the river that lies west of the station itself, near the "B" in Bacchus Station on the map. The trail will then go north and then east; you'll want to ride up the back of the hill as you approach the river, then from the top, look for a path to climb down so that you're on the cliffside above the water. He pulls out a book and shows various examples and say he'd pay handsomely for the locations of them. 25 – Wide-Blade Knife & Miner’s Hat. Does anyone who has progressed further than me or completed the game know if I should hang on to the unique items … Show All Hide All Interiors. Search. Not far from Whinyard Strait to the east is the Bacchus train station. Skull Statue, Rock Statue, and Ancient Arrowhead are all sitting in my kit and I almost sold the arrowhead. Das Rätsel der seltsamen Statuen gehört zu den versteckten Geheimnissen in Red Dead Redemption 2. Managing to grab all 10 will earn you some rewards that'll come in the mail along the way--specifically, Kentucky Bourbon, a cool $10, and a Rock Statue unique item that you can sell. : Catch a fish weighing at … Items in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) are objects that range in utility and purpose, and can be obtained through various methods. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online - FREE TREASURE! You'll find it east of Strawberry and south of Valentine, not far from Horseshoe Overlook. Where $ l $ is your level in the ski… This statue can be found in the chimney at Old Bacchus Place in southeast New Austin, just south of Thieves Landing. When 24 hours of in-game time have passed, you'll notice that the squirrel has vanished. You can get to the carving pretty easily by horse, but it's a bit tough to spot because it's a bit hidden; instead of appearing on the broad side of the rock you'll be climbing, it's a bit stuffed in a corner. Moonstone Pond is south of Grizzlies East and north of Emerald Station. Rock Statue: $50.00 "This is a unique item." Some of them (such as Chests and Lock Boxes) are very well hidden, while others (Dreamcatchers) will unlock unique … So what is the Fertility Statue? When the player approaches the hut, a fast talker named Francis Sinclairemerges and requests that the player find Rock Carvings. So that's where to find all 10 Red Dead Redemption 2 rock carvings. The Strange Statues puzzle is pretty obscure and hard to find in Red Dead Redemption 2.Not only that, the puzzle solution is also very tricky to figure out, and it’s easy to get stuck on it. You can always find the latest location on this page. You can reach it by heading south from Annesburg or east from Emerald Station. These items are in various places on the map. It was THIS Big! It is a yellow house with a red roof, and you can enter through … The rock carving is pretty obvious from the path there on the rock face to your right. Properties unknown. Managing to grab all 10 will earn you some rewards that'll come in the mail along the way--specifically, Kentucky Bourbon, a cool $10, and a Rock Statue unique item that you can sell. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 30 unique items. Mar 10, 2019 - Explore Adan Quintero's board "RDR2", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. You'll pass Deer Cottage as you do, where you can stop. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Skull statue/rock statue". Loot the building, paying special attention to the table in the center of the room. Gold Bars, RARE Items Easy Money & MORE! Your task now is to track down the missing statue somewhere on the ranch, and place it back above … Fairly easy to find, this unique item is the second part of the Otis Miller’s Treasure Map.