Also permanent health and fatigue regeneration and (with a mod) mana regen as a mage. The better your Enchant skill, the more successful you will be at creating magic items, and your ability to use enchanted items improves; for example, skilled enchanters drain power from magic items more slowly than lesser skilled enchanters. I've already got pair of pants with +8 Fatigue and +1 Slowfall (very very VERY useful), but I'm looking for other suggestions. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Then make a version of it that does "Drain enchant 100 for 2 seconds on self". I don't think I need any higher than 30 points in nighteye. Calm, frenzy. Haven't tried permanent summoning yet, but might be fun with Dremora if you can fit them into something. Being a character that is well versed in enchanting, alchemy etc. I found a post with the cliff racer levitate trick which is pure genius! Also, I would like to know what fun should I do with Almalexia's soul? I think this was only possible in vanilla though. Our motto is to provide 'CARE WITH RESPECT, DIGNITY, COMPASSION AND COMMITMENT'. You can just walk around with a full army of minions and if they die you just equip the item again. Even if just for fun? (I assume you meant the carryweight goes that much higher with the enchant, not the strength itself.). I know jumping is a very good way to travel too, just haven't found a cost to effective way to make it work. :) Enchantments too as I can't really remember how they work in morrowind :p. *It's best to create some utility spells like Water Walking with a cost of one and a duration of 11-12 sec. The simplest enchantment are magical scrolls with a single enchantment that are destroyed with one use. Is there any specific use where it really shines or does it just give you lot of charges? 1pt Levitate for 1 sec on target. Enchant + .25*Intelligence + .125*Luck - 1*[enchantment points] Constant: Enchant + .25*Intelligence + .125*Luck - 1*[enchantment points] Keep in mind, this is if my calculations are correct. Welcome to r/Morrowind, a subreddit dedicated to Bethesda's 2002 open world RPG, the third installment in the The Elder Scrolls series. This will refill your magicka bar to full every time as long as you have 100 Intelligence or less. Generally speaking: The most overall useful ones are Restore Fatigue, Restore Health, Fortify Attribute, Fortify Intelligence, Feather, Spell Absorption, Sanctuary, Chameleon, Reflect, Detect Key/Enchantment (these are extraordinarily helpful effects when it comes to both Thieves and completing quests), Shield, and Nighteye (these are the ones I can think of at least). Experiment with it. 100% (or as close as you can get while still being able to cast it) Chameleon for 2-3s. The best way to do it is basically to create a Fortify Intelligence Potion, drinking it, using the boost to create an even better potion of Intelligence, drinking it, using the boost to create a better potion,etc. Anyway on to the point of the topic. The easiest thing to do is hop on over to Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub in Sadrith Mora and grab the Scourge Blade spell from the Dunmer upstairs. You should easily reach to target amount of 500 by enchanting those. Find out the Enchant capacity of the item in the Enchant window then exit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A full set, preferably as low weight as possible, enchanted with Fortify Endurance. Oblivion talk:Useful Enchantments Drain Agility. I don't really understand the "minimum magnitude"? That’s all you need to … note: I tweaked my game to allow for slightly easier enchanting, so some of the stuff I mentioned might be harder to accomplish than others. I was obsessed with it. I also remember making bound on strike enchantments for to stealing NPC armor, but that was long ago, so I'm not sure does it work with latest patches. You can even enchant with no skill on those. Luck would be useful, but it really kinda needs to be over 1000 for it to have the "awesome" effect of making you succeed at everything. *Enchanting items costs a lot lot lot lot of money if you ask someone to do it for you. I thought 400-500 STR was simple and basic echanting. - Constant effect Fortify Magicka enchantments are not very useful, as that effect only increases current magicka, not the maximum. You can substitute INT or Luck for Enchant skill, INT=1/4 pt Enchant and Luck=1/8 pt. Summon anything then use Absorb skill/attribute item on it. Really wish I learned that a long time ago. I'm compiling a list.. So you can raise your intelligence to a very high value (providing you remove the skill cap with the Code Patch). For other uses, see Shields. ... It’s a very useful piece of armor, and it looks cool to boot. I haven't tried that though because I prefer to have other effects too. I have the overhaul mod installed and with that it looks really good! You can substitute INT or Luck for Enchant skill, INT=1/4 pt Enchant and Luck=1/8 pt. Useful in blight storms at night when detect creature isn't really great or precise. My favorites: Fortify Strength (usually up to 400-500 constant for carrying loot), Night-Eye (constant, up to 30 … I've read that to have a chance to make a high-level enchanted item you need over 1000 INT and 500 Enchant. Constant Effect light on everything. Anyway, it can be done easily. Awesome I didn't know this, thanks. no reasonable way to actually go everywhere and do everything ... with how expensive useful enchantments are I don't feel bad at all selling to creeper I assumed that you weren't meant to "pay" for the top tier enchantments and you were supposed to max out your skill and do it yourself . If you're more of a close combat type of character, I would go with touch spells and maximum burst damage with lower duration as you don't want the fight to last. I assumed that meant it would do anywhere between 2-40 points of damage but it always seems to do the exact same amount? *Summoning an ancestral ghost and striking it 3 times will make him cast a spell on you which you can absorb to replenish your magicka. Fortify Personality 100-100p 1s for any bartering or service you might need. That's the enchant skill you need to have 100% chance of making it. Press J to jump to the feed. If you consider the above trick with levitation to slow an enemy down, then I would consider target spells with a longer duration for damage-over-time. It's an amazing glitch. Blocking can only be performed with a shield, and is automatic in Morrowind. Hey folks, I first played morrowind right back at the very beginning. I couldn't have been much older than 12. It's great because even if you miss, if you strike close enough the enchantment will still go off if the target is in the area specified. Welcome to r/Morrowind, a subreddit dedicated to Bethesda's 2002 open world RPG, the third installment in the The Elder Scrolls series. I. have a daedric bow and a soul gem with a Golden Saint's soul, and I'm trying to find a good enchantment for this. Main trick here is to have all your fortify enchantments (works also for stuff like detection and vision spells) as 1-XX and not 20-20 or so. You can also cast something like a levitate 1pt in 50 ft for X secs to slow down a group of ennemies. I've been meaning to create a set of equipment that holds effects which are useful to my current character and playstyle. Forget all the hand holding of the modern games, if you weren't paying attention you'd quickly get lost, you actually had to think haha :p. Anyway I decided to give it another go and Christ, what a step back in time haha, I love it all over again. I've always played mages, love magic in elder scrolls. A source spell's magnitude, duration, and other detai… Find out the Enchant capacity of the item in the Enchant window then exit. In Morrowind, that means creating enchanted items, having custom spells made, or crafting potions. Even more easier if you're willing to sacrifice robe, belt and/or helmet slots for strength and I think if you wanted to do pure STR enchantments on everything, you could possibly even reach close to 1000 with all slots having the best items. Yeah, permanent regeneration is quite nice although you really need it only on early game. I like to have a touch destruction spell and a ranged one. How the fuck can you fortify strength 400-500 constantly? Open locks on target item... good for sneaky guys, but easy to miss. Google "morrowind" and "sr71" together for the most broken enchantments you can('t) imagine. It works because the effect of said potions stacks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Shields are handheld pieces of armor used to block incoming blows during melee combat. If the value is 2 and one has created a directory Maps in the main Morrowind game directory, this command will create a 256×256 high color bitmap of each exterior cell in the game. So I guess I got it wrong? Pretty sure Golden Saints don't fit into any item. 2 seconds. INT can be also useful for pure mage, but you do get quite bit of Magicka with normal 100 INT as Atronarch and it's not like restore potions are hard to come by or make. I'm struggling with damage spells. however is incredibly powerful. you need to enchant your own stuff. Still, I'm happy to help new enchanters on this if needed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. And is it better to have a lower magnitude over a longer duration? One of my favorite things to do in RPGs, or any other game that allows it for that matter, is customizing equipment. That trick doesn't work with The Atronach does it?