Beautiful tone and even scale. Bonna case. Honking,North Korea, Korea, Japan,Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand,Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Canada, America,Taiwan. Note: Customers from Brazil. Please make sure your shipping address is updated, Thank you. I really would like, to give more information about the instrument. The bassoon is ready to play. I got bocal from my teacher who died recently. But it needs new silver plating. I heard a musician play this and it has a deep penetrating sound. Gold plated Heckel Biebrich C Bassoon Bocal# 1 Heckel Biebrich made in Germany Bassoon Bocal in excellent condition! If you are satisfied with your purchase. shipping costs included Shipping& handling. Heckel Bassoon for sale TRY IT AT IDRS. This instrument is in great cosmetic and mechanical condition with a warm, rich sound. Also. Bocal was repaired 25 years ago. Note that the cork is in good condition although it may need some refitting depending upon the bocal bore of your bassoon. Used Fox 601 (2004) Call for price. Professional tone hole and bore design Professional design. Dear customers. Tunes to A-440 and has a good tone quality. Heckel #8211 with an unusual feature $ 36,000.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . The#1 eBay site for Antiques, Collectibles and Art, according to eBay statistics! Antique Heckel Biebrich German Bassoon in very good original condition. £8.98. At this time all pads,felts,corks& springs were replaced. Downsizing my collection; so. Reed and double bassoon case. This bassoon has been carefully restored in-house by our specialist bassoon repair team including: all … I'm a retired Bassoon teacher and I'm in the process of reducing my collection of instruments. After the first section of the crook. . Including original hard case, hand rest and two R.Lange Nr.1 and Nr.2 bocals. Stolen Instruments. Winning bidder message me what you would like: Posted with, This is a Brand New great looking and sounding Maple Bassoon.This well crafted hand made instrument, and made made of Canada Maple that has been processed, in special ways to make a rich sound.With decades of experience behind the manufacture of this fine instrument, you can be absolutely confident in its performance and durability. it was a school instrument so there are lots of blemishes all over the body. Articulated Ab/Bb trill. Serial#4011. other countries such as Brazil. Indicates it is of nickel plate. The keywork is silver plated. in 1972 from Sherman Walt. Reinhold Lange was a bassoon player in Wiesbaden. Heckel Biebrich silver plated CC1 bassoon bocal. Rare old orginal Heckel Biebrich bassoon. Pads are in very good condition. But it is vintage. READY TO PLAY OUT OF THE BOX. Payment by PayPal Only Please! Pre- War model- year-1930. So if you received a package damaged upon arrival, please notify us via E-mail or Ebay message within 24 hours of receipt and retain all original packaging(including the original corrugated box) We will request digital pictures of the damage item for reference, do give you a reasonable and satisfied solution. 3401. D and high E added by Sawicki. Linton 5K Durotone bassoon has been tested by our shop and is being sold as is. Though it has been played in a while. Neck strap, reed included, leather wood case. Servicing over the years was done by Holden McAleer in Baltimore. In quantity, such as two a sell,five selling, etc. The instrument is in playing condition except for leaks which make the low notes difficult to play. . This rare example of a turn of the century bassoon is in wonderful shape, plays beautifully, and has recently been overhauled to be in excellent performing condition. The finish has been kept up over the years using real French polish. He passed away in 2012. Johann Adam Heckel was appointed instrument manufacturer of the Court of the Dukes of Nassau in 1845. Thanks. All maple. Plays with a smooth. Koelbl, shoulder strap XS/S/M/L/XL €26. Non-payment may result in an UPI(Unpaid Item) eBay will automatically close your account if you accumulate 4 UPI's total. Forums > Instrument Questions > Heckel Bassoon for sale TRY IT AT IDRS; Home › Forums › Instruments and Tools › Instrument Questions › Heckel Bassoon for sale TRY IT AT IDRS. Heckel bassoons are probably the most sought-after bassoons in the world. UPI Note: Payment must be made within 5 days. Playing condition. ~ Accessories: Free professional Hard case Free bassoon reeds Free 2 bocals. BG, shoulder strap €43. not rated Read more. Heckel 122XX. from William Waterhouse who had purchased it from a member of the Vienna Philharmonic. maybe some of you experts can tell me for sure but there is some where in a couple places where fingers sat and it looks like wood underneath. What is amazing is that the instrument is housed in a wood case with the original lable tag on the inside showing"Wilhelm Heckel" The bassoon fits absolutely perfectly in this box. case in good shape, there is no Bocal, all keys look to be there, overall looks in good shape, I just recently purchased it from an estate sale this past week, it has been sitting for a few years, the pads are secure, but assume the pads will need to replaced or reseated, the tenon corks look fine, the finish looks original. I will not undervalue an item on the customs form. Imported High quality pads. Honking,North Korea, Korea, Japan,Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand,Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Canada, America,Taiwan. Please make sure your shipping address is updated, Thank you. Instrument Sales . Stamped. Heckel bassoons until 7400 had the back Ab key as a separate tone hole on the back of the boot as seen on 7250. I will be glad to answer your questions 3c0.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3E3c0-14c0f949667-0x109-, Bassoon Heckel bocal flat bend type CD2 used in Japan, Prof. Heckel System Silver plated Maple wooden C Bassoon High D E key+LuxuryCase, Professional old Maple Bassoon Heckel system High D E Silver key New With Case, Professional Maple Bassoon Heckel system C Keys Silver Plated With Case, Customized Pro Maple Bassoon Heckel system C Keys Silver Plated New/Case, Bassoon bocal HECKEL CC1N silver-plated used in Japan, Selmer Model 132 Intermediate Bassoon MINT CONDITION, Selmer USA 1432 Student Plastic Bassoon FREE SHIPPING With Case, HECKEL CC-1 Bassoon Bocal Made in Germany M7235, Professional Heckel system Maple Bassoon Silver Plated C key High D E New Case, HECKEL CC-2 Bassoon Bocal Made in Germany M7236, NEW Jupiter JBN1000 Key of C ABS Resin Body Professional Bassoon with Case, Professional New Maple Wooden Bassoon Silver Plated C key Heckel system W/Case, Prof new Maple Wooden Bassoon Silver Plated Keys C Tone 2 Bocals With Case, High-Grade Maple Bassoon C Tone 24 Keys Silver Plated 2 Bocals /new Case, Professional Maple Wooden Bassoon High D E Keys Silver Plated With Case, Prof Maple Wooden Bassoon Silver Plated Key 2 Bocals Brand New With Case, *****Bassoon123: Quality Silver Plated Bassoon Bocal #1. Professional model instructor approved, so beautiful! I could be talked into throwing in a fox CVC 2 for a the right price. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Please leave a comment with details of your upcoming performance, and I will post them; Chamber Music Coaching ! UPS. The smaller tenon on the long joint had already been replaced when I bought it. Compression is 100% without cracks on the wood or damages. i send in the worldwide USA Japan Europe Asia Australia Hong Kong, Heckel Bassoon Bocal CC 1. My Grandfather was a professional musician in the Philadelphia area from the 1920's thru the 1960's. Bocals are not"one-size fits all" when it comes to perfect seal with your particular instrument. L shipping from China to United State- ePacket delivery from China-with tracking number.7 to 12 working days. Adler Sonora model 1357/120 This model is launched for the 120th anniversary of the Adler Sonora company. Instrument is stamped Heckel Biebrich on each joint. with the instrument. Therefore the design has to compromise this aspect to give both dampening and vibration in one even thickness along the crook. Ready to play. Have a look at my other auctions for some more great equipment with a similar pedigree! He purchased the instrument in the mid-60's from a fellow musician. Thanks for shopping at Quinn The Eskimo Vintage Horns! 3j.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bij%7Fil7g%3E3j-13f47a2c664-0xf4-, Highly flamed red maple. But unfortunately the owner passed away. Thank You& Happy eBaying from all of us at RIICS Inc. We were recently consigned this Amati Kraslice ABN 36 J5 Contrabassoon by its original owner. I generally ship domestic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In person pick-up only, except by possible arrangement Payment by cashier's check only Please contact me with any questions you may have. However, this is a rather arbitrary dividing line as many makers made bassoons using the same methods until the late 1940s or early 1950s, so this article applies just as readily to these rather later bassoons as much as the truly 'pre-war' ones. This is an announcement board for our customers who wish to sell their used instruments. The instrument has barely been played in the last 5 years, but I have kept it in a temp/humidity controlled environment. The keywork feels good and shows only light wear with no worn through keys. It's made by old very keep selected mountain maple wood- French(violin) lacquer colored. Please see the photographs I have placed in this ad which features a side by side view of the Lange and Heckel. The owner took very good care of this 4 foot three inch(129cm) tall bassoon. i'm not a bassoon expert though and i am assuming that anyone buying it would want to get it tuned up and inspected, at the very least, and perhaps, completely redone. All the parts are original. For further information, please contact me. This classic Heckel Bassoon is ready for a new home and was recently brought back to life by an expert on Heckel bassoons. Two piece bass joint. And later with Miami symphony, Orchestra Miami, Miami City Ballet. I bought this instrument new in 1983 from Custom Music and Hugh Cooper. Payments : I accept Paypal. It’s amazing to see how established the bassoon keywork was by 1900 along with the great quality and condition of the wood. Postings: Performance Jobs. bassoon . not rated Read more. Please make sure your shipping address is updated, Thank you. used bassoons for sale. The wall thickness can afford to be thinner. original Ivory ring has been replaced with plastic to facilitate international Traditional Production Method: A piece of metal is cut into an elongated triangle. Mr. Walt purchased the instrument. The plastic around the very top is cracked, and I managed to show that in the pictures. Contact me if you're looking for anything in particular. BASSOON MODEL 6405S, silver plated mechanism, fine seasoned curly maple. A silver plate Fox CVX2 bocal, swabs and an older case. I am not sure when bocal is manufactured. Made in Germany. Excellent condition Heckel C2 gold brass bocal for sale. at the base it says 138- i don't know if this a serial number or a model number. Rollers It is probably too large to ship to you. This bocal is in great shape. $ 35,000.00 $ 32,500.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . 26 keys. Dear customers. Recently serviced. In beautiful condition. This instrument can also be seen and heard on my Reed making DVDs that were out a few years ago. Note: Customers from Brazil. Selected by professional. The wood is not cracked. for the professional musician for their concert. Made of quality silverbrass. HECKEL BIEBRICH, MADE IN GERMANY IIII B 2" see close photos. Professional Quality bassoon reeds with affordable prices. cover It is in great condition and plays well. Click & Collect. International bidders please note: You might be responsible for customs duty and taxes. Koelbl, strap II "pirate" €50. This Heckel Bocal is marked with"Heckel Biebrich made in Germany" Sun/Star Hallmark"W.z. Comes with original mint case and case cover. Good Luck for you! It shows some wear, but nowhere near the wear that most of the Heckels from this period show. This Bassoon is in Ex nice condition with only modest, wear to the wood finish. You can ask me any questions you wish but again, understand that I am not a musician. Alto Shawm in G by Cronin $ 2,200.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . Other materials, such as rubber or ivory, could be used on other parts of this instrument. It has some signs of wear but is fully operational. It is paired with a Heckel CV4 bocal, which matches the bassoon wonderfully. We always have a custom made Heckel on the way! International Buyers Note: L shipping from China to Australia-economy shipping-no tracking number.Estimated 10 to 20 working days. For more info please contact me. LINTON WAS IMPORTING WOOD BASSOONS FROM GERMANY AND THIS IS PROBABLY A KOHLERT OR SCHREIBER. Serial number on the boot joint is 11326, the serial number on the other 3 joints are 11294, includes original. If you can help with the discription I will add the comment to the sales page for others to see. Any questions, feel free to ask, but again, I know very little about the instrument and bassoons in general. Special Note: zipper on case cover needs repair. this is why i list it as for parts or repair because i cannot say for sure. Used by professional bassoon player. both of them are in a good condition and had general… United Kingdom. The sale includes a nickel plate Fox C1 bocal. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B0a7%3E-147b6e9a80e-0x10c-, This bassoon is serial number 7(5?679. Second hand bassoons for sale. Almost nobody has heard the story of Lange. This Heckel Bocal is marked with"Heckel Biebrich made in Germany" Sun/Star Hallmark"W.z. 1 Piece Medium Strength Bassoon Reed with Case Bassoon Parts & Accessories SL . This particular instrument is of the highest calibre with a velvety, rich sound that really sings. All what i see there is no missing parts. Rollers on Pinky Ab, low F, low Eb, and low C#. If you have any questions or would like me to forward you some sound samples of the bocal. Items can be combined into one invoice but the total shipping fee will be the sum of each item's shipping& handling charge. The intonation is perfect. Wichita Band’s service warranty is the same as it’s been for more than thirty years: ALL new and all used instruments sold by Wichita Band Instrument Company come with our 24 month service warranty. Therefore. oboe clarinet saxophone, Antique Heckel Biebrich Wooden Hand Rest (Crutch) for Bassoon Year 1930 Germany, Antique Heckel Biebrich German Bassoon Year 1898, Lange Bassoon with spurious Heckel parts by Stritter circa 1900 with Fox bocals, Linton Heckel System Wood Bassoon w/ Bocal and Case, Basson Bassoon Fagot CW Moritz Berlin ( HECKEL STYLE ), Bassoon, early Heckel system by Herman Glass, Amati Kraslice ABN 36 J5 Contrabassoon Contra Bassoon Fox Heckel System NR, HECKEL PRE-WAR BASSOON PRE-WAR HECKEL BASSOON HECKEL PRE-WAR BASSOON SHORT BORE, Heckel Biebrich stamped - C1 Bassoon Bocal Made in Germany, Maple Bassoon (Schreiber? No past repairs; no splits. … Exceptional Antique HECKEL BIEBRICH German Bassoon made ca.1860. For any and all additional questions please contact Bob@ 508-765-9352. Antique Heckel Biebrich Bassoon in very good original condition. Argentina, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Israel. Made of soft German silver. 6000 series Heckel is one of the best I've had in my shop. No bocals and original case. I got bocal from my teacher who died recently. Heckel CD 1 bassoon bocal. I have owned this bassoon ever since(52yrs) The hand rest post was removed prior to 1961. Fast delivery, smooth transaction. KS 67211 Tel: 316) 684-0291; FAX(316) 684-6858 POST WAR HECKEL BASSOON BOCAL Bocal is stamped"Heckel/Biebrich" and"Made in Germany" The bocal is is stamped"N" under the whisper vent. Treasured: Please keep in mind that very large items( ie cello tuba) can be very expensive and sometimes impossible to ship to some locale; If the calculator can not give a cost. this was made in germany. Thanks for looking, and happy playing! Up for sell- standard type Heckel Biebrich stamped CC 0 bassoon bocal with letter"N" above cork in excellent condition. I live in Rhode Island and travel between southe. This instrument can be tried in Miami. Key of C, made of alpine maple wood with nickel-silver keyword, brass foot cap- exactly as by Heckel Biebrich. Check it out and give feedback if you like it! Buy Used Heckel Bassoons. Heckel 6000 series bassoons are highly regarded for their free sound, great projection and beautiful, resonant tonal qualities. This set of web pages contain tabular listings of Heckel bassoons ... Several new bassons and contras for sale have been added: Bassoons 5309, 5576, 5752, 5909, 7572, 9116, 12123; Contras 388 and 940. German Silver model C. Length# 1. These charges are the buyer' s responsibility. Resulting in a stronger tube Wall thickness can be calculated to result in specific positive acoustical compensatory characteristics The first 10cms or so of the crook has a significant effect on both tone and intonation. I collect vintage instruments. Because of this, we give a 100% unconditional money back guarantee that the high bidder will be totally satisfied with the quality, condition, sound and our description of this bassoon or we will return their money. Made in Germany. $10,000.00, Cooper Püchner No high D key. Also included are an original reed. This is an early instrument; I do not know the date of manufacture. I bought it ages ago out of curiosity but for the last few months it's been used by a student of mine who's now bought her own bassoon. Length: 57mm. or Best Offer. Please see the many close up shots and feel free to call us at 609 577 3337 for an in hand description. 2" length. show blocks helper. If you are dissatisfied for any reason. It is ready to play. Works great but I recently changed my reed style and upgraded to a new R Series bocal. envoi tres rapide. I have always used soft free blowing reeds on it. I bought this bocal a few years ago from a well-established music store in N.Y.C. More information Heckel 6000 bassoon (keywork detail) Very even and responsive in all registers. They represent one of the best values in quality instruments. Argentina, Mexico, for the professional musician for their concert. The tennons are sharp and undamaged, no cracks, no repairs. bocals. Cupronickel material(Cost more than $160. If you are dissatisfied for any reason. Comes with Linton bocal and original hard shell case. If you have questions please ask for Ann. Features: This is a Brand New great looking and sounding Maple Bassoon.This, well crafted hand made instrument, and made made of Canada Maple that has been processed in special ways to make a rich sound.With decades of experience behind the manufacture of this fine instrument, you can be absolutely confident in its performance and durability. There is some damage to the exterior corners(see photos) and some other wear on the inside due to how the instrument rested. Jul 23, 2017 - The home of top-quality second hand bassoons, new mini bassoons, and all bassoon accessories including reeds, bags, stands. Played in the St Louis Symphony. The bassoon is extremely rare because till now there were not any bassoons for sale with serial number under 3000. More pictures available if needed. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. We will do our best to resolve your problem as soon as possible. Student or advance. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Tip also great condition. Heckel 12000. This is a wonderful bassoon for a low price! The eBay 14 day return policy will act as a trial period as well. Pads are good. Accessories: Free professional Hard case, Free bassoon reeds, Free 2 bocals. Generally, I will have several Fox "Renard" model 240, 220 and 222 bassoons in stock. The chrome finish is in excellent condition. This bocal is from the collection of Alan Hawkins. You can see and hear how, WICHITA BAND INSTRUMENT COMPANY 2525 East Douglas Avenue Wichita. You may return this item for any reason if you are unhappy with it. not rated Read more. Without hard case and bocal. Cupronickel material(Cost more than $160. Then after his death in 1887. If the wall dimensions at this point are too thin then the vibrations and overtones can upset the intonation making the traditionally‘difficult’ notes on the bassoon even more unstable. ), USED, MODERN BASSOON BOCAL, POST WAR HECKEL, STAMPED" 2CC (SUNBURST)", Heckel Biebrich silver plated CC1 XL bassoon bocal, Pre War Heckel CC3 Bassoon Bocal Biebrich, Antique German Bassoon Kohlert or Heckel Biebrich - Complete Restored, Bassoon Heckel 12x series - selling for medical issues. Made in Germany. Warm tone. Our selection of used Heckel bassoons for sale online is one of the best in the industry. Payment by Pay Pal or Bank Transfer. Boot part is rotten. But I do not play and am not certain if it needs any work. Payment Method Accepted- Pay Pal or Bank Transfer. If you come into our store, we allow you to try out the instrument and even take it home for a week-long trial. Thank you! Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping and handling. Pre-serial number instrument. Used is excellent condition. If you are dissatisfied for any reason. Bassoon First Aid Doctor. It's a beautiful lyrical sound. travel. What you see is what you get! These bassoons are perfect for the beginners because they are more durable than the wood bassoons. Bocal was repaired 25 years ago. Heckel. It can be tracked via your local postal website or. High A bridge lever. The Instrument comes with one bocal, a pre-war Heckel 2CC (patched) that came Purchased in 1972 from Sherman Walt. The new pages feature faster loading, thumbnails of all photos and a new look. Heckel for sale. It was my sole instrument with the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra for 27 years. This saves on, shipping and helps me fill orders faster. Virtually ALL the items we sell have been fully reconditioned in our own shop. Pre 3000 Serial Number, stamped Nr.30, probably one of the first bassoons made by Heckel Biebrich. This bocal has delicate sound in high range and soft. Thanks! and thank you for taking the time to view my listing! Whisper key mechanism was added by Tony Maloney. There is only one repaired crack on the bell. Heckel 10543 $ 42,000.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . No cracks on the wood or repairs. Buyer: Member id marcos_oboista_brazil( Feedback Score Of 23) Oct-22-12 08:00, High-Grade Maple Bassoon C Tone 24 Keys Silver Plated 2 Bocals/new Case(110910387697) US $1.397.00. He is erroneously referred to i. Standard rollers plus Top quality instruments for professional and aspiring professional bassoonists. After 7400 the default mechanism for the back Ab key was to operate the front Ab key via a connecting rod through the boot joint. Attention: Import duties. Pads also, no leaks. We will repair or replace, whichever in our estimation is the more advisable, pads, corks, springs or other parts required, at no charge to the customer. The cork is missing entirely. Return shipping should be paid by bu, Welcome to our store! Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping and handling. Other than that it's in good condition. The bocal will ship USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box with Tracking/ Confirmation and Insurance. If you are familiar with Bassoons by Amati- Kraslice. . Hello everybody, I am planning on selling my 12 thousand series Heckel bassoon. But it is pre war. Handrest and a very worn but solid case. Fox and Renard Bassoons for Sale Please note, I am not set up for credit cards. Rieger 1A, Rieger 13 and thread colors: pink, blue, black, grey, yellow, purple. Made of maple wood with german silver mechanic, octave key. I looked up several pictures of bassoon brands, and as nearly as I can tell, most if not all major brands stamp their product visibly. Asking Bank Transfer: Customer wanna make this payment via bank transfer.Please contact us via contacting information,Thank you. A Heckel 12000 series bassoon for sale (127XX). This well crafted hand made instrument, and made made of Canada Maple, which is cured nearly old Maple that has been processed in special ways to make a rich sound.With decades of experience behind the manufacture of this fine instrument, you can be absolutely confident in its performance and durability. Music at Kirkwood; Blog Archive 2014 (2) October (1) Heckel Contra Bassoon and Bassoon for Sale March (1) … on low F and Ab touch pieces. Payment by Pay Pal or Transfer. It comes with the case, leather(like new) seat strap, neck strap, cleaning swabs, cork grease, key oil and new reeds(both wooden and fiber glass) I purchased this instrument in 1996 from a gentleman who played in the Seattle Symphony and had recently retired. Originally called"Almenrader und Heckel" was founded in 1831 in Wiesbaden, Germany and is one of the oldest surviving workshops for constructing musical instruments. Bocal is three years old and in perfect condition.