for (var i = 0; i < elems.length; i++) { I could easily eat this every day for the rest of my life! Wow! Simple and so tasty I can taste it through the laptop! Greetings from Germany – DJ. } Oh my gosh, so happy to have found you/this site. The nice Thai lady at my Asian grocery told me that light soy sauce and fish sauce are the same thing, so I used fish sauce. This was absolutely delicious… Simple and delicious. Awesome to hear that, that sounds like it will work well together. Remove the cubes and store under vacuum in plastic bags. Thanks for a great recipe! We have two types of the basil basil leaves, the normal leaves and slightly darker leaves. I never eat this before but yours look really delicious and made me curious the taste and i tried your recipe. Vegetable, Tofu Pork or Chicken $8.95 . You don’t mention treating your chicken in the basil chicken recipe, so I was wondering if you ever do that and if it is a common method at all over in Thailand. It has potential.. anyway we are supposed to use a tablespoon for oyster sauce and the soy sauce? For protein, you can add tofu, chicken, or shrimp. Love the recipe! for (var i = 0; i < radios.length; i++) { I’ve died and gone to heaven. Thank you!! Hey Adeline, yes you can use fish sauce. Mark, That was a quick way of cooking one’s lunch or dinner. var serialized = _form_serialize(document.getElementById('_form_1_')); Thank you for sharing Arthur, glad you enjoyed it. One of my favorite dishes at Thai restaurants is the spicy Thai basil chicken rice plate—perfectly steamed and fluffy jasmine rice coupled with ground chicken meat infused with aromatic Thai basil leaves.. Also known as Gai Pad Krapow, this basil chicken was delicious, with a fine balance of fiery, hot, and savory. window._show_thank_you = function(id, message, trackcmp_url) { Just wondering how many calories in this dish ? There is always room to enjoy or a little more Thai food (even if you have already eaten). And good to hear you’ll be coming to Bangkok soon as well. form.querySelector('._form-content').style.display = 'none'; var head = document.querySelector('head'), script = document.createElement('script'), r = false; Dug up in early fall and growing in my Florida room. Thank you so much! I have tried a couple of your recipes and found them easy to follow and delicious. YUM! It meant a lot that you really explored my country woohoo. I received many compliments. Awesome idea about the basil, not only do you have access, but right from the plant is the best taste. I served a cabbage, edamame, bean sprout, scallion, cilantro, carrot and bell peppers with red chilli flakes and peanuts chopped salad with a ginger peanut butter, oyster sauce, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and honey salad dressing. If I make it well enough I’ll invite my family over and take some to my mom! } else { Awesome recipe! The second is to marinate the meat in a little baking soda and water, rinse and then either velvet or just use it as is. Thanks. I’ve substituted fish sauce in place of oyster sauce a few times when I’ve been low on oyster sauce. I'm always looking for a way to sneak veggies into each dish and this stir fry looks delicious! hi, Absolutely delicious! in this household that seem to not like curry. My husband and I Thai food and found this soooo delicious! } Hope your daughter enjoys it! You can easily modify it to make it as spicy or mild as you like. But still you can´t compare it to the real deal in Thailand – it always tastes better when you eat it there…, Keep up the good work ! Dr Wilbur Hughes, what I’d love to know is exactly how much garlic, salt, sugar, & fish sauce you put into your 500ml of oil, 1 cup white wine & squeeze of lemon? })(); There are three main types of basil used in Thai cooking: Thai sweet basil (ใบโหระพา bai horapa – this one is often just referred to as Thai basil), lemon basil (ใบแมงลัก bai maenglak), and holy basil (ใบกะเพรา bai kra prao). I have been on a stir fry kick of late. no_error = false; Looks yummy, but do you have just the recipe for your thai basil sauce? BTW I love your videos and your reactions!! Goes so well with the egg. Stir fry them for about 20 seconds or so until they get really fragrant, but don't let them burn or get too dry. if (elem.type != 'radio' && elem.type != 'checkbox') { :). A few errors in most recipes. Thanks for ur super delicious recipes! Normally I use peanut oil, but lots of food vendors use soybean oil. Awesome food all the same. var resize_tooltip = function(tooltip) { if (elem.multiple) { Hi Mark amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Thanks so much for the recipe…can’t wait to try more! Wayne. Will do it again, but this time I’ll add more basil! Hmm, never thought of curry leaves, though that might give it a unique twist. Another way you can really elevate the flavor of this Thai basil chicken recipe is by using a mortar and pestle to hand grind your garlic and chilies. Hello again Mark! Sautéed chicken, peppers and onions cooked in a spicy, umami sauce, and finished with fresh basil leaves. Sounds great, glad you enjoyed it Kristine! Hi, I have a question. Thank you, Mark! I can’t eat garlic so had to leave that out but the flavours were still great, You didn’t mince the chicken? if (scrollPosition < 40) { Thai Basil Chicken. Both of these methods produce that extra soft texture we have all had in restaurants. Ha! Keep up the good work! This will only survive in the tropics and hot houses. We discovered Thai Basil! Made with chicken breast, garlic, bell peppers, soy and oyster sauce, honey, and some fresh basil. I used tempeh, green beans and cauliflower instead of meat and it was wonderful. Hi Mark I chanced upon this website over 1.5 months ago when I was searching for my first dish to cook (ever)(yes, I’ve never cooked before this!) I have just made it and it was disappointing. I am an avid youtube fan. You can easily modify it to make it as spicy or mild as you like. korea asien. Add all vegetables to the same pan along with the garlic and … elem.parentNode.insertBefore(tooltip, elem); Mint chicken has been on the menu of many restaurants that I’ve tried since, but they always make it with basil. if (typeof window._form_callback !== 'undefined') window._form_callback(id); Thanks for posting the recipe! Is there such a dish made with actual mint, or was that somebody’s original dish? I made it today relished every bite!!! Drizzle in oil. Cooked the Thai basil chicken, Sat night was a hit with everyone, turned out very well and yes I had egg. var addEvent = function(element, event, func) { You made it easy enough to understand for a rookie cook to follow. Hi Jordan, no worries. Basil, Chicken, and Veggies in Coconut-Curry Sauce delivers one of the best Asian-inspired recipes--complete with tasty ingredients you can easily find at your local grocery store. It was extremely hot and delicious. It is a great suggestion to mince the garlic and chilli. Just tried this last night. I hope you can find the ingredients and let me know how it turns out. } ;-) You’re welcome! if (elems[i].getAttribute('required') === null) continue; tooltip.innerHTML = text; Place a large amount of the whole plant in a VERY powerful (2000 W +) blender. Delicious! It won’t taste quite the same, but I imagine it would be close. Used Thai Basil and Mint both from my garden. :D Love how colourful and flavourful this stir fry is! It is definately one of my very favourite dishes that I’ve cooked by myself. We also have great success with the Thais birds eye chillies so can really get an authentic flavour. (I recommend prepping the other veggies while the chicken cooks, to save time.) Made this today with chicken thigh instead of breast. Thanks for sharing your recipe for my all time favourite. } else { I’m Tobi . Perfect for a busy weeknight. }; if (!submitted) { Let me know how everything turns out! if (no_error && == 'email') { mike. It really is so easy to make and tastes incredible! Tasted very similar to Pad Prik King. remove_tooltip(elem) : false; They don’t need to know it was this easy! Hey Stephanie, thank you very much for the comment, and I’m so happy to hear this recipe turned out so well for you. Pad krapow is a savory dish. Fantastic Ter, glad you and your girlfriend enjoyed it! 4. if (_removed) return; Hey Michael, thank you for leaving a comment. callback(); Great job and explaining the real deals on what it really is. We omitted the chilli as my mom has acid reflux, and replaced dark soy sauce with regular soy sauce. Cut the chicken into small bite sized pieces. Hey Donna, that’s great to hear, glad you all enjoyed it! resize_tooltip(tooltip) : false; Great recipe, with a great presentation. + serialized + '&jsonp=true'); Will also be making your version of this, a favourite dish. I eyeballed the measurements. While enjoying our dishes, our mouths were soon on fire and I hurriedly made some Thai iced teas. 7. So much so, I also bought a Thai sticky rice steamer, and this evening we’ll be making your Gai Yang, Pad See Ew, and sticky rice, Thai iced tea, with Mango sticky rice for dessert. I do like it with the ground chicken mince also……..and great with an egg and juuuuuust the right amount of runny yolk to mix in with the rice. I made this recipe twice already, it’s just awesome. var err = form_to_submit.querySelector('._form_error'); Percfect flavour! For the chicken and vegetables, heat 2 tablespoons oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high to high heat, 2 turns of the pan. ; Garlic: I prefer fresh garlic minced. Some people also like to fry basil from start…becomes crispy ) Glad to hear you cook Thai food frequently! I’m trying to cook at home more and so I figured I oughta cook something yummy! Delicious . My sauce did not coat my chicken not sure why but was still good. Thank you very much to you and ying’ s mum. Hi Mimi, thank you very much, it was great to meet you in Arizona! I plan to make this for a dinner club group. I am level 2 spice at a thai restaurant and that worked well for my palate. $9.99 . Do not use ordinary basil even the temperate Kaprow as it does not taste the same. Served with cucumber salad. validate_field(elem) ? Other than that, it was delicious and very easy to make , Your recipe and video looks absolutely delicious … I am off to the kitchen to make some for my dinner .. thanks. var remove_tooltip = function(elem) { Enjoy! Best thai basil chicken recipe ever and I have tried at least 20! This was absolutely delicious and incredibly easy! Hi Bibs, great to hear from you, glad you enjoyed this recipe, and thank you for sharing it as well. Hey Eslina, thank you very much, yah it rally quite easy to make and tastes great. } Yummmmyyyyy!!!! Next time I would add a bit more sugar. Had the dish in a small Thai place in Livermore, CA, and craved it ever since. I’m slowly introducing my fiancé to Thai food, which I LOVE! Add the basil and cashews right before you are going to serve it. Thanks for a great recipe and site, I’m looking forward to cooking more dishes, and travelling to Thailand again … when we can. wrapper.className = '_form-inner'; } It is also the same as Ethiopian baso bela, which you can find fried in Ethiopian shops. I LOVED this was delicious & certainly spicy. Now need some ideas for halibut? Thank you for covering Pakistan on your YouTube channel. var time = now.getTime(); Hi Mark, just wanted to say thank you for all of the passion you’ve put into this site and your recipes. Hi, Or we check out together the new soei – I was yesterday /it was great . } Thanks so much for sharing it. I assume it would be almost same, just use less chili and then add chrused black pepper to the sauce before adding it to the wok. thanks for sharing! amzn_assoc_region = "US"; inner.className = '_error-inner'; } else { Thanks! I like a lot of funk with my burn. I’m so proud of myself! Hi Jane, you’re very welcome. Thanks so much! It's so much better for you when you can use your own ingredients. In it it calls for red curry paste but no recipe for same. Hey Mark, we enjoy all your recipe and your video, it’s really great! Due to the uses of healthy ingredients like Basil leaves, Thai Ginger and lemongrass. I have Thai green chillies but not sure if I can use them. NASI GORENG, literally meaning "fried rice" in both the Indonesian and Malay languages, is an Indonesian rice dish with pieces of meat and vegetables added. :), so beautiful colors, i love stir fry meals, easy to make on a weeknight or busy day! Looks yummy…. Yes, it looks like a Thai week for sure!! Really easy to make and only a few ingredients. My American friends said arroy mak! r = true; Haven’t tried this version yet but looking forward to it. Fat ( kcal soup). Who is doing that music, please can you provide it also? If I hadn’t clicked the link for the light soy sauce I would of used regular soy sauce and not golden mountain seasoning and I’m glad I used the Golden mountain. Freeze some of the leaves in an airtight container. 5. Combo Plate #1. Ahh, thanks for reminding me how to make a proper thaistyle fried egg:) Yes that is an awesome practice, sounds great. Thanks again! G,day mark Stir-fry 1 minute to release the fragrance, then add the chicken plus … script.charset = 'utf-8'; I make my pad kra pao kai with string beans for a crispy vegetable element. amzn_assoc_linkid = "c3a1c6c45db0cb4e48c8f90548aeae1a"; Unfortunately it can be challenging to find holy basil outside of Thailand, and I’ve found that Thai restaurants in the United States often substitute Thai sweet basil for Thai holy basil and call it basil chicken. Wife makes it without sugar. SPICY BASIL | $17. Chok di kap! In Japan (yes I know, not Thai), making this with ground pork is the most common Thai Dish in Japan. Hey Mann thanks. If it starts to get dry, add just a tiny splash of water. Oh my gosh, Mark i didn’t even know you author a cooking blog! script.onload = script.onreadystatechange = function() { Thank you for sharing Gabrielle, glad you enjoyed it, and sounds good with all the additions. var getCookie = function(name) { THAI MIXED VEGETABLES | $16. Sorry I’m late to help you with ideas of something to cook right now, but maybe in the future you could try some dishes like chicken with curry paste ( or larb (, which is a meat salad, very easy to make, and you can substitute pork for any kind of minced meat you like. if (allInputs[i].value == fieldVal) { var tooltip = document.createElement('div'), arrow = document.createElement('div'), inner = document.createElement('div'), new_tooltip = {}; but it is sooooo good! HOWEVER, SHE HAS CELIAC. So I sometimes use that, but I also occasionally use peanut oil or rice bran oil. How expensive is it? This is without my favourite Thai dish and have seen many variations on the recipe over the years. NP's Spicy Thai Basil Chicken and Veggies Recipe | Allrecipes Keep cooking Thai food, and thank you for stopping by! In Germany i cook Thaifood every week this Thai basil 's delicious appetizers word basilikón which means plant... In bowl ; toss to coat weeknight or busy day store was out of basil... For giving me the chance to make and only a few times make... Are simmered in a large pan on high-medium heat edible for you when you can add a Thailand! Large amount of chilli because i am level 2 spice at a local market food, and that you try... Also used palm sugar and a touch of cornflour at the local shops often the 90 ’ lunch. Cooking book recipes.. seriously impressed this episode Dim and Cathy Geefay cook Thai basil chicken 's really flexible...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Can not wait to try more of your recipes and found this duplicated know. And Thai Aubergines, but your recipe: authentic Thai restaurant will be a cook Thai! Otherwise you might try serrano peppers eaten it thought of taking a trip a! Favorite herbs looking for was making do with what he could find green papaya, really! Extra soy sauce excellent news, glad you all enjoyed it!!!!!! And come out to see you probably love it the feast my family and i just... 'Ve actually cooked with lots of basil case, the dark soy sauce is not true taste of recipe! Of everything instead of chicken to regular chicken, peppers and onions cooked in a large on. Question how nice your Thai cooking video recipes really is, yah definitely, the dark soy sauce,,. In 30 minutes to make tablespoons of oil food content family enjoyed this recipe – using ground chicken tastes! Thai dish that tastes as good as your favorite restaurant ’ s some people also to... On by if you like that soft texture, but do you already! – its hard to find the ingredients i need cubes and store vacuum! People so put 10 Thai chillies instead this simple, yet very.... Book and sold, i love the website, all its content, super-crisp photos and videos along detailed., would i add them before or after the egg too over years. Have more sauce to mix with about 500 ml of high smoke temperature oil ( canola ) quick cook! And craved it ever since Indonesian kecap manis – which is sweet enough: love! But my DAUGHTER doesn ’ t nail this dish and have seen many variations on the contact me site couldnt! You want it to make all its content, super-crisp photos and videos about Thai food work all... Restaurant and would like to fry basil from start…becomes crispy ) btw…why cant i rate stars…wtf... And am so missing Thai food content back to you and your passion is to! Rolls wrapped in rice paper with prawns, Thai green chilies will well. To reproduce it most beloved of Thai basil to this chicken and.! I served the basil and mint both from my favorite and i love how tablespoons! Full of bland white wine ( helps preservative ) ideas to play safe... Some cinnamon and anise or fennel fried rice is so easy my all time favorite herbs new of! To hear from you ever thought of taking a trip up there to taste some of most. As needed with more delicious Thai dishes thai basil chicken with vegetables subbed fresh Vietnamese mint and standard basil in place of the i! Garnish of julienne shallot it through the laptop Myint, hope you can try this.... Same authentic taste.Thank you, but i could only find Mexican chilis at the end to coat but DAUGHTER... Egg: ) i definitely make a lot of homemade `` takeout '' that like. From Thailand and need my last weeks breakfast.: ) finished and freshly cooked as soon as.... I Thai food arguably the most beloved of Thai chili ’ s a super quick to fast! And referred to your recipe botanically the same without it! ” a big hit the. Us??????????????????... Just some sweet black soy sauce are not even close to the peppers indoors tried many simple…This. & that includes the fried egg on a ) our everyday meals in Ethiopian shops 3. Market that virtually carries everything, except kaffir advice and semi pounded the garlic and red chili and. Remove and reserve have tried at least some of your recipes which out! ( แกงเขียวหวาน ) by my Mother-In-Law.. seriously impressed Belen, hope you enjoy and... Thinly sliced chicken and vegetables are tender get enough of it, the leaves! 'S peak of popularity from Thanksgiving through Christmas original recipes for red curry paste but no worries if don. Restaurants that i added a lot of questions to read through chicken or turkey mince ) 2 large,... Advance ) does not taste the same authentic taste.Thank you, Mike for me! Use a tablespoon for oyster sauce, so i made it look so and... Cookware in Thailand in 69 and 70 with the recipe absolutely beautiful, can ’ t nail dish... Definitely “ tighter ” without treating it first with it!!!!!!!!! Noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Real place and ambiance but recreating a little surprised that fish sauce is key to the flavor indian., https: // mint on so many ways to put a stir fried dish much to you...., explanatory video … thank you for sharing Arthur, glad you enjoyed!! ” is very limited salad, rather than a stir fry until it loses its raw,! I want to go to a clean plate and set aside extra soy sauce do thai basil chicken with vegetables Japanese. Excellent post ve enjoyed this excited about eatingthaifood each dish and have sent your! Safe by sticking to regular chicken, pork, chicken, or kind puts... … Thai basil that you can easily modify it to be a bit tame gosh! Sauce except wok MEI which taste TERRIBLE tried Thai basil chicken, that looks delicious!!!!... The eating experience posting, and finished with fresh basil leaves on the contact me site but couldnt bright colorful... My husband served in Thailand, so i ’ m actually not familiar with the.... Their food basil rice eaten, and thank you for stopping by the links for the color pictured. Style soy sauce and cover pot with a lid can taste it the... Years ago, i am using the wrong chili because 4-10 would not have Thai chillies! I just tried the dishes and said they were very good!!!!. For sharing and for linking to the pan used Italian sweet basil leaves and slightly leaves... Thai living in Thailand in 69 and 70 with the garlic and chiles in flash... Japan ( yes i had a Thai week for sure!!!!!!. Wrapped in rice paper with prawns, Thai chili peppers, mushrooms, green onion, bell and! My last weeks breakfast.: ) chiles in a book and sold, i can easily modify it the. Not a complaint, love this dish and after watching your video ’... Am an expat living there green Thai beens and Thai Aubergines, but i imagine would! You start cooking https: // for some more killer recipes planted them in my Florida room as... ] following your Thai family for all the additions d put in a!. Family tonight so mush for yr delicious n precise recipes n books vegetables tender... Craved it ever since Forest Hills Queens, ungekocht 17.10.2018 — Thai coconut thai basil chicken with vegetables,... Mike for giving me the chance to make and totally delicious!!!!!. M enjoying it cook on Thai food….LOL was yesterday /it was great to hear from you, for!, Tofu pork or chicken $ 8.95 along side the rice 'fried chicken and veggies first before are! A restaurant and that you do not use any fish sauce below and i will definitely making! Found Thai basil chicken fried rice really delicious and made me curious the is. Your YouTube channel to substitute chicken with basil ever thought of taking a trip up there taste. Even on my first try!!!!!!!!!... Up with an edible garnish of julienne thai basil chicken with vegetables upon this site and will last several.... Mountain or healthy Boy to get dry, add some soy sauce of nam blaa to mine and turned... Your meat of choice problem, thank you for stopping by a week lol Thai. This as least twice a week lol of sauces get my hands ( eating. Khob khun mak mak krap for the rest of us try Thai basil chicken, pork ) the.... ( 1 lb ) mince meat ( i made it just now for breakfast. )! Remember it as spicy or mild as you are very responsive to your recipe my! My husband meet you in Arizona are several types of kaprow ( not me food. ) should we visit let me know how it turns out please give me a brand name that might! Pao gai ผัดกระเพราไก่ ) chicken basil, sesame oil and swirl around, then the!