<>. As I read a lot of reviews about 3rd party battery grips, Meike grips seem to have the quality closest to original brands. The remote feature is definitely a convenience for shoots that require stability. ... MK-6D2 Pro Wireless Battery Grip. Item added into shopping cart successfully! MEIKE MK-A7II 4.50 / 5. $35.67 $36.40 $37.14 (0 customer reviews) Ask a question . 100-meter remote control camera shutter can control 100 meters over open terrain or Best Offer. MeiKe MK-D300/MB-D10/BG-D300S Battery Grip for Nikon D700/D300/D300S. Double endurance. Meike Global -Meike (MEKE) Unique Global Official Website Get News about Meike products Buy all Meike products Book products that are not yet on the market Meike Lens ,Meike Battery Grip,Meike Cine Lens,Meike Flash,Meike extension tube ,Meike Hand Grip Talk with us about Meike -Products Detail ,After-sales service Meike Professional Battery Grip Holder Pack MK-A6300 for Sony a6300 a6000 1. Start comparing. 【Vertical Shooting】The grip own shutter release on same position as camera,give same feeling ... Works with Canon EOS 7D2 7D Mark II $59.90. For Sony A9 A7R III A7III camera with vertical-shooting function,best choice for portrait shooting Allow for settin... Meike MK-A6300 PRO Built-in 2.4GHZ Remote Controller Up to 100M to Control Shooting for Sony A6400 A6300 A6000 Camera Meike promises that the camera remains water and dust resistant with the grip attached. The camera battery and SD card can be freely t... Introduction Free shipping. Sales Department: Bruce Lee Mobile Phone : 13510857682 China Mainland Tel :+86-755-82328117ext837 China Mainland Fax :+86-755-28494339 It attaches to the bottom of your D800/D810, providing a convenient grip when holding the camera in the vertical position. to … This battery grip provides Nikon D600 owners with a vertical shutter release button. With two batteries installed, your shooting time is effectively doubled. With a storage slot that the... Work with : Nikon D3100 D3200 D3300 D3400 cameras, with vertical-shooting function,best choice for portrait shooting Product description: Meike MK-A6500 Pro Battery Grip Built-in 2.4GHZ Remote Controller Up to 100M to Control Shooting Vertical-Shooting Function for Sony A6500 Mirroless Camera with Wireless Remote Control Meike Global 2pcs NP-FW50 Lithium batteries can be put into the grip, extending your shooting time. With two batteries installed (in camera and battery grip at the same time), your shooting time is effectively doubled. This battery grip can provide redundant controls for key functions and a shutt... Works with Canon 760D 750D rebel T6i T6s as BG-E18 Meanwhile, With vertical shooting function. 1-2 LP-E17 rec... Works with Canon EOS 7D MeiKe MK-D300 4.50 / 5. It definitely looks like it was made with the same material with the Fujifilm X-T2. meike is one of the leading manufacturer of professional photographic equipment. US $70.00/ Piece 10 Pieces (Min Order) 1 … Allow Vertical Shutter and AE / Auto Focus